Planning Ahead

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of preplanning and prearranging services, and the benefit of it for their loved ones. It makes sense, we plan ahead for every other major event in our lives – marriage, education for ourselves and our family, career, and especially retirement. As licensed, professional funeral directors, we set aside one hundred percent of your moneys in a Trust or life insurance policy in your name. If you should ever move, the moneys are always there for you. When they are fully funded, we are willing to accept the payment from the bank or insurance company as full payment for the funeral home’s professional services, facilities, equipment, automotive equipment, casket, outer burial, and other merchandise.

Also, we can establish a guaranteed, irrevocable funeral account to meet eligibility requirements for personal care or nursing home care.

The most thoughtful, practical thing you can do for your family is to leave behind details and information in regards to Pre-planning. It is something you can do for yourself and for your family’s peace of mind and ease their financial burden.

The following form is one way to let your family know your wishes. After you complete it, print it out for your records. While we feel that it is better to discuss your wishes in person, you can send this information to us and we can call you to discuss your questions and choices.

The talk of a lifetime

It’s hard enough to think about death, so most procrastinate planning for it. Families all over the world find mortality an uncomfortable and taboo topic to discuss.

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Why should I plan ahead?

Pre-planning your service relieves your family and loved ones from having to make complicated and important choices during a time of tremendous stress and emotional strain.

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Online Pre-need Form

Taking the time to plan your service in advance allows you to specify and design a detailed and exact funeral service, giving your loved ones peace of mind and ability to celebrate your life as you intended.

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